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Prevent Opiate Abuse – Elaine Pozycki

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Elaine Pozycki

Elaine Pozycki never thought she’d become an activist.  Her son’s death due to overdose changed that.  Heroin took the life of her athlete son, and she traces his addiction back to when he was prescribed opiate painkillers to help recover from a sports injury.  Pozycki never knew of her son’s struggle with addiction, and how it lead from using a prescribed medicine to him seeking illicit drugs that would kill him.

Her grief inspired her to form the advocacy think tank “Prevent Opiate Abuse” which according their website, “is dedicated to significantly reducing the abuse of prescription opiate-based painkillers through advancing initiatives, both governmental and non-governmental, that are effective and by doing so establishing a model that can be adapted throughout the nation.

Pozycki and her organization knock on the doors of legislators in state capitols, urging them to pass new laws reforming the way doctors prescribe these strong medications, and how government should take a treatment-based approach to addicts who break laws trying to obtain drugs due to addiction caused by seeking medical help.


Elaine Pozycki – Prevent Opiate Abuse

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