Youth/Young Adult

You don’t need to be your parents age or even that of your grandparents to think you might need help.  Perhaps you’re partying too much with friends after school but before you get home.  Maybe being away at college has left you feeling alone.  You’re not.  There are countless young people who have been battling addiction just because one day they innocently experimented with alcohol or drugs.  Those under 21 are no more immune from body image disorders and bad relationships.

If you are in immediate need of help, or are in a crisis, please grab the nearest telephone and dial 9-1-1.  You can also get a ride to the nearest hospital emergency room and tell the greeter you are in need of immediate counseling.  You can also get over-the-phone crisis counseling by calling 1(800)-273-TALK (8255).

Si usted está en necesidad inmediata de ayuda, o está en una crisis, por favor, coge el teléfono más cercano y llame al 9-1-1. También puede obtener un viaje a la sala de emergencia del hospital más cercano y decirle a la ventana de bienvenida que usted está en necesidad de consejería inmediata. También puede obtener más de-the phone-consejería en crisis llamando al 1 (800)-273-TALK (8255).

Our broadcasts featuring the stories of young persons in recovery can be found here.

A network of recovery groups exists just for you.  You can find out more about how they can help you, and what services they can direct you in your area by clicking here.