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Young People In Recovery – Justin Luke Riley

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Young People in Recovery is a national advocacy organization, which aims to influence public policy, making it easier for our youth to find and maintain their recovery from addiction.


Justin Luke Riley

Justin Luke Riley has been in long term recovery since 2007  He is President & CEO of Young People In Recovery in addition to being a founding member.

“If I had a life word, it would be ‘extreme’ in every aspect,” says Riley in his Steppin’ Out Radio interview.

YPR chapters advocate for better access to employment, housing, education, and other recovery related resources. These four areas of focus were strategically chosen. YPR used research by the World Health Organization, who regularly researches the recovery community. YPR evaluated their outcomes and developed a sustainable strategy to empower the recovery community. Their research identified seven pillars that are essential for an individual to establish a secure base in recovery, ultimately making it easier for them to sustain long-term recovery.  YPR chose three especially pertinent pillars to begin with, suitable employment, safe; affordable housing, and higher education. YPR is actively providing better access to each of these pillars, whilst advocating for change to happen in the public policy arena. Those three are YPR’s initial focus on these first three pillars has been widely endorsed by our communities as vital to achieve and sustain their member’s long-term recovery.

YPR has learned that many members become stuck before coming into the chapters. They are young, and in most cases have used for most of their young adult lives. They never had the ability to develop skills sets that pertain to securing suitable employment, acquiring safe and affordable housing, and exploring continuing education.



Justin Luke Riley’s interview on Steppin’ Out Radio.

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