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Michael Lassman

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Author Michael Lassman writes: “There are 100 different ways to get sober and I’ve tried them all.  But there is only ONE common element in every recovery, and that is God.  Without His grace, His power, and His direction the battle is unwinnable… is about the journey of recovery. If I had to single out one turning point, it came one day in my last treatment facility and I can’t explain why it was that day, and not the hundreds of other days I so desperately wanted to get sober.  The best way to describe why that day was different would be with one word, ‘Surrender’.  Something just came over me that afternoon and I just gave up, threw up my hands, and was ready to let go of everything I was desperately trying to hold on to.  It was like the “old me” just died that day and the next morning I awoke as a new person. Letting go of my pride, my ego, my possessions, my reputation, and most importantly my family were all the critical ingredients for my survival. “

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