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Jim & Dr. Brad Rodu

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Seventy-year-old Jim stopped smoking cigarettes about 8 years ago after trying to quit “about 2,000 times.”  He began smoking at age 19 while serving in Vietnam during the war, developing a strong habit and continuing smoking for the next 43 years.  His was a nearly 2-3 pack-a-day habit.  Jim tried everything in his quest to quit; pharmaceuticals, hypnosis, and even e-cigarettes.  He tried the devices for six full months before concluding it just wasn’t working for him.  Jim desperately wanted to try something else to help him quit for good.  Jim’s discovery of Swedish Snus however provided some hope of controlling his addiction to nicotine.  While he still uses alternate forms of nicotine, he no longer is smoking.   Smoking cessation expert Dr. Brad Rodu joins the conversation with advice and analysis.

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