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Dr. Peter Grinspoon

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On a frigid February afternoon in 2005, Dr. Peter Grinspoon a Harvard-trained medical doctor with a thriving practice walked into his office to find a DEA agent and a Massachusetts state police officer waiting for him. Thanks to a tip from a sharp-eyed pharmacist, the officers had evidence Grinspoon had been writing Vicodin prescriptions for his own use in the name of a former nanny who had long since returned to New Zealand. They informed Grinspoon he would be charged with three felony counts of fraudulently obtaining a controlled substance. After years of writing bad prescriptions, sharing pills with patients, and raiding supply closets, Grinspoon had been caught, and his addiction exposed. The following morning, Grinspoon drove to police headquarters where he was booked and fingerprinted. How did a respected doctor who seemed to have it all a successful practice, adoring patients, top academic credentials, two great children and a lovely wife end up here?

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