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Joani Gammill

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Joani Gammill is a substance use disorder interventionist who has her own company, Joani The Interventionist, where she has performed hundreds of interventions for 12 years.  She now works full time at Recovery Centers of America facilitating interventions.  Joani has authored two successful books. Her first was the memoir. “The Interventionist.”  Joani’s sobriety came through an intervention that her family participated in with Dr. Phil McGraw on the Prime Time Special “Escaping Addiction.” Joani’s second book, “Painkillers, Heroin, and the Road” to is about opioids, and their long history and hold on society from ancient times to the 21st century.  She speaks publicly about her struggles and success with opioid addiction and advocating and attempting to change the negative narrative that continues to swirl around substance abuse.

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