Air Steppin’ Out Radio On Your Station!

What media industry insiders are saying about “Steppin’ Out”:

“A great show, brings new listeners, helps people, offers the station incredible sponsorship opportunities and real community involvement.”  – Andy Vierra, Program Director KBET/Las Vegas

“A fine show.”  – Phil Boyce, Vice-President Salem Communications & WNYM/New York City

“This is a riveting, fascinating radio concept.  The audience response has been overwhelming. My definition of Powerful Radio is when you sit parked in a darkened garage with the groceries melting in the back and you can’t get out of the car because you have to hear what happens next.  “Steppin’ Out” is that kind of a show.” – Valerie Geller, Geller Media International


“Steppin’ Out Radio” is great radio.  Period.  Here’s why you should be airing it in your city:

There’s no cost to your station:  We don’t charge for you for airing the program.  We include our ads in the segment blocks and we leave you plenty of local inventory.  Our format clock also includes windows for your top and bottom of the hour content including news, traffic and weather.

Unlimited shelf-life:  Our programs and content are timeless.  These are riveting stories about the human condition which can be told whenever you feel it’s the right time in your broadcast day and week.   Our affiliates have aired them at various times with success.

Instant public service:  In these times when producing programming in the public interest is taxing on the resources of your station, you can simply let us do it for you. “Steppin’ Out” is used to fulfill PSA requirements on both spoken-word and music-driven radio stations around the nation.

A unique listener grabber: “Steppin’ Out” delivers a huge diverse audience with economic clout!  The subject matter cross-cuts every age, gender, racial group and income level.  Listeners who NEVER would have tuned into your radio station before now will!