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Richie Supa

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Richie Supa is a New York singer/songwriter with over 300 songs recorded and four solo albums to his name. Richie’s career was launched via the legendary Long Island Band “The Rich Kids” who were signed by Clive Davis to Columbia records. Richie was a staff writer at EMI Music for eighteen years and went on to a career on Broadway where he had the lead role in the hit musical Hair.   Supa co-wrote several number one rock hits including “Back on Earth”, “Misery”, “Amazing” and “Pink” which won a GRAMMY. Richie’s greatest personal accomplishment is his 27 year recovery. Over this time Richie has helped thousands of addicts with his personal insight and inspiring music. In fact, his songs “In the Rooms” and “Last House on the Block” won Best Song of the Year at the 2009 and 2011 Prism Awards.

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