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Artie Lange

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Artie Lange (@artiequitter), the actor, comedian, and talk show host best known for his escapades on the Howard Stern Show reveals how he came back from rock bottom.  He was one of the most successful comedians in the country at the time, selling out theaters and reaching millions of listeners a day as Howard Stern’s sidekick. But just as his first book, Too Fat To Fish, was released, Lange stabbed himself in the stomach nine times while deep in the throes of heroin addiction. He wouldn’t appear on a comedy stage for the next year and a half, and to this day he hasn’t stepped foot back inside Howard Stern’s studio.  Hear Artie’s terrifying and fascinating story straight from his new book, Crash and Burn,  about how he finally found peace in his life, and what he does on a daily basis to stay sober.

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