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Pablo started doing drugs at age 12 with his older brother. He liked hanging out with the older kids, as it made him feel part of a crowd. He used marijuana and moved on to abusing prescription pills. When away from home for the first time at college, he learned to start drinking and soon wound up as a regular in the local nightclub scene. People he would meet in the club would provide him with all sorts of designer drugs like ecstasy and ketamine. And then he tried Crystal Meth, which he says ruined his life. He lost his ambition, dropped out of school, and began life spent chasing highs around the country.

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  • Seriously? `He started out with marijuana ´, that’s exactly why cannabis gets a bad wrap. It has healing properties, alcohol meth,even cigarettes do not. Our country is in a meth epidemic, it’s cheaply made, accessible, addicting. Please don’t compare marijuana to the drug.

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