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Recovery News: Independence Blue Cross Foundation – Heather Major

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Heather Major began her career at Independence in 2004 as an underwriter where she was responsible for risk analysis and rating of commercial groups in southeastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey markets.

Heather Major

Heather joined the Independence Blue Cross Foundation in 2012. In her Foundation roles, Heather was responsible for grant administration and program redesign of the Foundation’s core initiatives. As Manager of Foundation Programs, Heather contributes her expertise and aptitude in finance, public health, and health policy to advance the Foundation’s mission and position as a philanthropic leader in public health. 

Heather is responsible for guiding the strategic vision of the $90-million Foundation, and oversees $6 million in annual grant funding and commissioned research, as well as the Foundation’s award-winning publications. She serves on various advisory boards and committees for academic and nonprofit organizations.

Heather has a B.S. degree in Health Policy Administration from the Pennsylvania State University.



Independence Blue Cross Foundation – Heather Major

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