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Joani The Interventionist – Joani Gammill

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Joani Gammill, a nationally acclaimed drug and alcohol intervention facilitator who has appeared on Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil, to provide free intervention services for families and individuals suffering from substance use disorder (SUD).

Joani Gammill

Joani, who found recovery for herself through a successful intervention after nearly three decades of battling opiate addiction, has dedicated her life to taking the stigma out of the disease of addiction and bringing people the same life-saving care that she received.

For over a decade, Joani has led a highly successful practice for intervention services. She believes that patients must have access to the full continuum of care, which starts with necessary interventions through aftercare-treatment support.

Joani began her career facilitating interventions in Los Angeles, California with Intervention911 led by Ken Seeley. Since then, she has published two books. “The Interventionist” (2011) shares personal stories, both her own and those of patients, that reveal hope in recovery. “Painkillers, Heroin, and the Road to Sanity” (2014) examines addiction, long-term recovery, treatment approaches and much more.


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