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Models Against Addictions

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Founded by working models who have suffered through the trials and pain of addiction and mental health matters, Models Against Addictions aims to bring awareness to the problem affecting all walks of life.

Asia Janina Dyrkacz

From MAA founder Asia Janina Dyrkacz:

“Being involved in the modeling world, we have experienced a fascinating and exciting life. Yet we both had a yearning to explore a deeper meaning of life and than we discovered Yoga and Meditation. This magnificent ancient Eastern knowledge helped us to find balance & happiness in our life, that we feel compelled to share. We are conscious of the global impact that models and the fashion industry have on our society and because of that we decided to form Models Against Addictions. All Models are welcome Models Against Addictions (MAA) on the journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth!”


Models Against Addictions – Part I: Asia’s Story
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Models Against Addictions

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