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365 Days – Rozelle White

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“My name is Rozelle F. White, Sr.  I am 59 years old, father of five, with seven grandchildren.  I used alcohol since the age of nine and graduated to heroin at the age of 19, this was to be my lot in life until God tapped me on the shoulder June 22, 1990 at the age of 41 and told me I had enough, and that I was now to become a messenger for Him.  I have been a substance abuse therapist since 1991, I obtained a Bachelors degree, and a Master degree in Health Services Administration.  I am currently a licensed substance abuse therapist.”

Rozelle F. White, Sr.

“My first book is a daily recovery guide depicting the authors first year in recovery from a drug and alcohol addiction.  It shows the power of God, and how He was able to turn a “junkie”, (junkie, meaning drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, over-eating, video games, internet, power, control, etc.) into a productive member of society.  The recovery guide can be used for individuals recovering or trying to recover from any number of addictions.  It lets the recovering person and the family know what it takes to stay clean and live a productive life.  The book is also a great guide for families who do not understand the horrors of addiction whatever they may be. It helps the family show empathy instead of sympathy for their loved one.  Each day has a title, a description of that day and a quote at the end to reflect a positive reinforcement regarding the recovery process.”

“My new book follows my second  year of recovery in the same manner – Each day has a title, description of the day and quote to help reinforce the recovery process. We have to stay focused daily, and we have to grow daily.  Some days, it will appear that we have not grown at all.  Some days, it will appear that we have leaped to all new heights. This book will help you to grow. It’s not easy to grow, but it is necessary.  I love my life today, and I hope you love yours.”


Rozelle White

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