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“My name is Brian Bailys and I am a person in recovery. My last experience in treatment had a dramatic impact on my life. By way of background I started my career in public accounting and for the last 20 years have focused on consulting for high net worth individuals and early stage private equity. I was diagnosed with severe depression and alcoholism and was placed in a co-occurring disorder partial hospitalization program with 7 other people. I was in pretty bad shape but those 7 people helped breathe life back into me. Those people were socio-economically different than me but we were very much the same. Unfortunately, 6 of the 7 relapsed within 90 days.”

Brian Bailys

Brian Bailys

“With my voice and my confidence back I said there has to be a better way. I learned that quality aftercare was the tremendous gap in treatment. So armed with my confidence, a masters in mistakes and the desire to help people like the friends that helped me, I set out to find that better way.”

“Through a series of lucky breaks (I don’t believe in coincidences), I became part of a team that has the requisite experience and initial capital to pull off the development of this monumental undertaking, and as of late launch Ascent. The Ascent solution ( combines the power of a well-researched e-recovery tool with documented outcomes and the human touch of virtual peer recovery coaching.”

“We are in the process of developing client relationships, strategic partnerships, investor relationships and collaborating with subject matter experts and parties interested in the solution, and moreover the impact and mission.”

“Our mission is to help reduce relapse rates in this country and help those that suffer from substance use disorder to stay connected and achieve long term sobriety. For us it’s not work, its life.”


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