Salonpas – John Incledon

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John Incledon is President of Hisamitsu America, the manufacturers of Salonpas.

John Incledon

As a senior-level marketing executive, John has achieved extraordinary results in brand development and business value creation by aggressively challenging industry standards and consistently developing disruptive innovation. He has the proven capacity to successfully motivate large global teams to realize exceptional performance, while developing protégés to step up and run key domestic and international businesses in the organization. John is a high-level strategist with tremendous passion for the business and an instinct to minimize the investment necessary to gain essential knowledge for evaluating future opportunities. His broad background in marketing, new product development, P&L management, team building, global commercialization, sales, in-licensing, and acquisitions/divestitures has enabled him to proactively run complex business models.

During the last couple of years there have been a number of pain pill recalls in the United States for quality reasons and FDA has been consistently tightening the warning on pain pills, including OTC’s since 2000.

“American consumers have a growing concern about what they are putting into their bodies creating a need for alternative options for pain relief,” says Incledon. “The idea of pain management is not a zero sum game as pain pills are effective and safe when used as directed, but the study shows that many people are ignoring the label and self-medicating with greater frequency, higher doses or both. It is these folks who may be dealing with breakthrough pain or lack of complete relief, who may want to consider a clinically proven topical like the Salonpas Pain Relief Patch to treat their muscle, back or joint pains.”


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