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Recovery Coaching is a non-clinical support for people seeking recovery from addiction, and for the families living with someone struggling with addiction or in recovery. The recovery coach helps to outline the plan for recovery. A coach assists the client in setting goals and supports their achievement. And they help to navigate the transition into a new lifestyle.

Chris DeTora

Chris DeTora

Chris DeTora is a Certified Addiction Recovery Coach and a coach trainer. He has worked for several years in treatment, recovery and prevention, both developing and delivering programs. They have ranged from educating families on the effects of addiction and recovery on their lives and relationships to providing alternatives for at-risk youth. He has trained coaches in prevention principles for community based youth organization as well as addiction counselors in alternate treatment methods and wellness methods. Using his background in Kung Fu, he developed a program to use martial arts as an adjunct to treatment by integrating the principles of martial arts into the program of recovery. He is also a person in long-term recovery from addiction.


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