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Full Recovery – Brian McAlister

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It’s no wonder the best-selling, how-to book Full Recovery has become a go-to resource for both those in recovery and treatment professionals alike. Brian McAlister’s personal journey from nomadic drug-addicted biker to successful entrepreneur and businessman is more than inspirational. But that’s just a small part of Brian’s story in personal growth and self help.  Husband, father, entrepreneur and author, Brian subscribes to the spiritual axiom that “With faith and action, all things are possible.”

Brian McAlister

Brian McAlister

As founder of the Full Recovery Wellness Center in New Jersey, Brian McAlister is dedicated to helping recovering people achieve spiritual, personal and financial empowerment.  He understands through personal experience that everything needed to live a harmonious life of progress and prosperity already exists within us. The Full Recovery program is designed to draw it out while simultaneously administering a holistic addiction treatment solution.

From Brian’s blog:

“I started my affirmations with the word God after reflecting on my life. As the fog of early recovery began to clear, I started to appreciate the gifts my higher power had given me. Prior to this awakening, my life was one of selfishness and addiction. This unworkable lifestyle culminated in physical, emotional, and mental pain. My affirmations not only reminded me of that fact but also gave me the leverage I needed to stay the course and recover.”

“My affirmations gave me a quick way of changing my focus when the old recording in my head started playing, but the reasons that I associated with these affirmations allowed me, over time, to reprogram my subconscious mind.”

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“I am not suggesting you need to start your affirmations with the word God unless you feel moved to do so. I am simply showing you an example of the process I used to rewrite the software in my mind. We have all heard of brainwashing. Well, my brain needed washing. By reprogramming the way I communicated with myself, I was able to accept the fact that my Creator equipped me with unlimited potential. Knowing that I am never alone and that my higher power is closer than my breath, has removed all doubt. By realizing that I am a miracle of creation, I can fearlessly press forward, fulfilling my destiny, earning the privilege of being alive.”




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