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Kimberly has a Masters of Social Work and has worked with families and individuals dealing with addiction since the start of her career. She has worked with addictions and co-occurring disorders in state court ordered, community, and private environments at different levels of care.

Kimberly Cramer

Kimberly Cramer

Throughout her career, and during her time as the primary therapist at Reawakening Wellness Center, she has seen the affects of addiction on a mezzo, macro and micro level. Cramer has facilitated success with clients, who have one or several relapses, from all backgrounds. During her work with the addictions population Cramer received a trauma focused therapy certification. She has worked with adults and children with traumatic events, such as sexual, physical, or emotional abuse. She has also had success with decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Cramer’s clients learn skills, acceptance, gain insight, promote change, and gain gratitude for the present. She works with the client to identify motivation for change, and unhealthy patterns in behaviors.  Cramer’s therapeutic technique provides an empathetic, individualized, self motivating approach that enables them to create their own path. She create an open environment that allows her clients to discuss stressors in order to cope with the past and learn how to be in the present. Cramer’s approach also allows her clients to explore feelings and practice concrete coping skills to use in real life situations.



Kimberly Cramer’s interview on Steppin’ Out Radio.

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