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Killing Mr. Hyde – Michael Lassman

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“Addiction knows no boundaries; it discriminates against no one, rich or poor, black or white, man or woman, young or old. Its devastating stronghold not only breaks every soul it touches, but the souls of everyone close to that person. I was no exception (even though I thought I was for many years).”

“There are 100 different ways to get sober and I’ve tried them all.  But there is only ONE common element in every recovery, and that is God.  Without His grace, His power, and His direction the battle is unwinnable.”

Michael Lassman

Michael Lassman

“From there, a persistent voice kept telling me to share my journey with the rest of the world, to tell my story, explain to people how God allowed me to recover, but most importantly to give them hope, that they too can have what was so freely given to me.  “Killing Mr. Hyde” became that vehicle.  I didn’t write it, God did and the book and everything that follows its publishing is in God’s hands. My job is to keep my eyes open, my heart exposed, and to have a willingness to follow any path God chooses to lead me down.”

“The irony is that everything “I surrendered” came back to me and tenfold.  My relationships are stronger, deeper, and more loving than they ever were before. I “think” people respect me more now than they ever did, and God has provided for my every material need. I let go of what I thought was the ‘good’ and accepted ‘great’!”



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