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Stop Stigma Now (Part 2)

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SSNLOGOSteppin’ Out Radio is proud to present this special webseries with Dr. Robert Newman of Stop Sigma Now, a group dedicated to eradicating the stigma associated with the medical treatment of addiction. They believe no one taking medication to overcome opiate addiction should feel ashamed or disgraced.


About Dr. Robert Newman


Robert Newman, MD

For over 40 years Dr. Newman has played a major role in planning and directing some of the largest addiction treatment programs in the world . Throughout his career he has championed the right of drug-dependent persons to treatment access and to be cared for under the same conditions as apply to the management of all other chronic medical conditions.

Dr. Newman is currently Adjunct Professor of Preventive Medicine at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. In 2014 Dr. Newman was awarded the Order of the Rising Sun by the Government of Japan for his contribution to medical care and education for Japanese in the New York metropolitan area.

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  • I just finished listening to Dr. Newman remarks regarding Society’s Stigmatic attitude towards addiction and its ramifications. I have a deep appreciation for the goal of “Stop Stigma Now” for of its major contributions will another venue to community discourse. As a retired addiction professional (38 years) the struggle to understand addiction is no more further along today than when first addressed 1n 1808 by Dr. Benjamin Rush MD (a signor of the Declaration of independence) In the last 50 years more has been accomplished in the field of medicine. I the last 50 years in spite of more knowledge in the field of addiction the recidivism (relapse) rate is as high or I argue higher than in the 100 years of treatment efforts. I wish to point out that the Stigma Dr. Newman spoke about has been reinforce by the approach of many treatment programs who’s marketing and advertisement offer HOPE family and friends of the addict, only to demoralized when their loved one ends up relapsing in months or years later. In my years as an advocate for recovery I have seen more relapse in my life than life long recovery. I cannot prove this but I suspect that if we could total all the various categories of addiction, the number would astounds us (substances, behaviors (sex, money, power) the recovery accomplishments would be less than 3%

    Jim Leonard

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