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Ever wonder what goes on inside those “12 Step” Meetings?

While taking psychology courses in graduate school, broadcast executive Denise McIntee observed 12 Step Meetings as part of her coursework. She grew fascinated by these openly secretive gatherings; the stories told were far more compelling, scary, funny, and real than anything she ever heard on radio, television or anywhere else!  She began to produce recorded and live programs featuring people in recovery willing to share not only the success of their sobriety, but the insanity and suffering that drove them to seek help in the first place.

Since 1999, the program has been distributed throughout the United States on terrestrial radio and elsewhere through digital means. A special version of the program is proudly produced exclusively for American Forces Radio and is heard on all U.S. military installations and ships at sea around the globe.  It’s grown beyond a simple radio program; it’s become a recognized brand of entertaining information for those in recovery, seeking recovery, or merely desiring to be inspired and transformed by true stories of human beings overcoming adversity.

About Denise McIntee

Denise McIntee

Denise McIntee

Denise McIntee spent years producing and programming some of the nation’s foremost talk radio programs. As Operations Manager of WABC Radio in New York, she helped to develop budding talents in the largest media market in the country. Aside from her work with “Steppin’ Out”, McIntee is also an associate with Geller Media International, where she consults for radio and televisions around the world.


About Drew Martin

Drew Martin

Drew Martin

Drew Martin fell in love with radio at an early age.  As a student at the State University of New York at Oneonta, he spent most of his free time at the campus radio station.  Drew’s teenage dream came true after graduation when taking a job at New York City’s K-Rock Radio (WXRK), working alongside Howard Stern.  In addition to hosting “Steppin’ Out”, Drew fuels his passion for music by hosting a progressive rock program on Long Island’s WEHM-FM.


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