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Shane recalls he never fit in with his community; not his neighborhood nor even his family. It caused him to act out as a child and was such a discipline problem that he was switched around to 16 different schools by the time he was 15. But it was while away at college that he began to drink. Alcohol gave him confidence and a sense of fun. Shane’s desire was to become an actor, and felt drawn to New York City where he entered the world of wild cast parties. In the midst of his long career of addiction, Shane did have five years of sobriety. A woman he was hitting on convinced him to go with her to her AA meeting. But he knows now his sobriety wasn’t from within. He didn’t buy into the program and eventually started to drink and use drugs again. He relocated to Los Angeles to pursue more acting work, which became a cocaine and drug-fueled party run in the Hollywood Hills that lasted years. Shane hit his lowest when beating up his girlfriend, who was trying to keep his drugs away from him.

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