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Labor Unions – Archie

Archie was five years old when he experienced his first memory of pain: He fell on a broken beer bottle. It would not be the last time beer would cause Archie pain; By age 12 he was drinking and by 18 he was drinking every day.  Archie was always falling and racked up too many concussions to count.  Despite every negative thing happening to him, Archie would still drink. At age 22, Archie decided it was time get help when, after dropping a bottle of beer and seeing the glass shatter, he got down on his hands and knees to lick the beer off the floor.  As a member of United Steelworkers, Archie sought help through the union’s Emergency Assistance Program.  The union sent him to rehab, and Archie has never drank since.  Archie says sobriety makes him a better parent, husband, worker and neighbor.

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