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Steppin’ Out Radio announces a new show targeted specifically to union workers who may be experiencing their own, unique issues with substance abuse, mental health issues and PTSD. Hosted by Allan McDougall of the United Steel Workers Emergency Response Team (ERT), the podcast will feature true stories from union members who have overcome and are recovering from addiction, mental health issues and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In addition to coordinating the ERT program, McDougall facilitates educational programs for the union. He is also the author of “Breaking Through, Discovering the Riches Within,” a memoir dealing with his alcoholism and recovery.

*If you are a USW member who needs help with addiction or assistance helping someone else with addiction, visit and a member of our union will connect you with the resources to get you help.

USW – Mario

Mario grew up in a French-Canadian family and thinks he had his first drink when he was eight years-old.  It didn’t take long for he and his friends to sneak beer and liquor with his friends.  His drinking lead to marijuana...

USW – Steve

By sixteen years of age, Steve had been drinking so much he was already sitting in bars all day.  He loved the feeling of drinking, and ignored the effects on his heath.  Even Steve’s doctor sounded the alarm to his teenage...

USW – Marcel

Marcel started drinking heavily at 18 years old. He met a nice woman, got married and quit drinking for 8 to 9 years because his wife didn’t drink. But when his wife had a work-related injury; she became severely depressed...

USW – Archie

Archie was five years old when he experienced his first memory of pain: He fell on a broken beer bottle. It would not be the last time beer would cause Archie pain; By age 12 he was drinking and by 18 he was drinking every day. ...

USW – Allan McDougall

Allan McDougall is the leader of United Steelworker’s Emergency Response Team, but he’s also an alcoholic in recovery.  As host of Steppin’ Out Radio’s new series pertaining to the stories of adversity and...

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